• Highrise group with muqarnas roofs

    Muqarnas have a proud thousand year tradition. Today they can be integrated in the most modern leading edge architecture. Their strict geometric definition and expression lends them to formal architectural designs.

    Highrise group with muqarnas roofs
  • Complex Compositions of Muqarnas

    Muqarnas lend themselves to seamless and complex compositions. This opens whole new areas for exploring muqarnas design.

  • Triumphant Arch

    This arch shows that a single continuous surface of muqarnas can provide both the interior ceiling and the roof of a structure.

    Arch of Triumph
  • Spiral Staircase with Muqarnas Ceiling

    A completely novel use of muqarnas is to provide a ceiling treatment for spiral staircases. Numerous muqarnas forms can achieve this.

    Spiral staircase with muqarnas ceiling, Spiral Staircases
  • Whirlpool Flat Muqarnas Ceiling

    The symmetry of muqarnas lend themselves to circular forms. This is a large round ceiling.

  • Muqarnas as Sculpture

    Here is a muqarnas form that can be used as sculpture, interior or exterior.

    Interior muqarnas sculpture concept