These mogharnas forms are based on the 1 X 36 Seed of 36-fold muqarnas symmetry. That is, the top of the dome is made of thirty-six (36) #1 (10° upper vertex plan view angle) mogharnas tiles. The expanded versions of this basic 36-fold dome utilize various motifs.
The principle I use to expand mogharnas forms is simple. I try to use the least number of tiles. If a gap may be filled with a single tile, that tile is used. This allows the appreciation of the complexity of muqarnas’ simplicity.

The (1) X 36 SeedThe 1-3 X 8 Seed

1 X 36 Seed Forms

  • 62126 Dome
  • 62126 Motif Dome -80°
  • Three Motif Dome
    Three Tiers