The Myth of the Eagle & Snake Enemies

Compare the Coat of arms of Mexico (here)

Mythical Eagle with Two-Headed Cobra Mythical Eagle with Two-Headed CobraPrivate Collection
Myth Eagle Snake - I sculpted this Mythical Eagle with Two-Headed Cobra from fossil mammoth ivory. Fossil Mammoth Ivory has a 'grain' much closer to wood that walrus ivory, whether fresh or fossil. The color is more uniform since it is made of a single layer, rather than two like walrus ivory. It also tends to 'burn' more easily if the cutting burr spins too fast.

The eagle and cobra have apparently achieved detente. A stable coexistence appears to have been achieved. Although not apparent they are resting on a scallop shell which floats above a circular four-fold endless braid.

Mythical Eagle with Rattlesnake Mythical Eagle with RattlesnakeI apologize for the poor quality of these old pictures.

To me these unlikely pairs represent the coexistence with (left) and struggle between opposing forces. If the rattlesnake bites the eagle, the eagle will die, but not before the eagle destroys the snake with its talons.