2021 02 03 SP, Self-portrait, Pencil Pastels, Acid Free Black Paper2021 02 03 SP, Self-portrait
Pencil Pastels, Acid Free Black Paper, 296mm X 420 mm

I created this self portrait, 2021 02-03 SP, during six days from February 23 to March 15, 2021. It is perhaps my most accomplished self portrait. This is my second experience with pencil pastels and black paper. Having enjoyed the experience again I expect to use the combination again. With pencil pastels it is possible to retain detailed lines and edges. This allows a rich layered texture to portray the skin color and texture variation.

2021 02-03 Self-portrait, Six Stages of Creation2021 02 23 to 03 15 Self-portrait, Six Stages of Creation