Symmetry Group [SG]
32-fold, 16 tiles
Symmetry of Form
Form Group
Ray: 0n this page & here
Motif(s) Angle(s)
Number of Tiers
SG – Tiles Used
Dome: 1 – 15; (NOT 16)
Edge Type
Curved, 60° arc with top tangent to plan view plane

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This dome is based on the 1-3 X8 Seed. That is, the top of the dome is made of eight (8) pairs of #1 & #3 mogharnas tiles (See here.). The expanded version of this dome utilizes the Ray motif. In this case there are two non-chiral rays like the traditional muqarnas dome. Additionally, there are also a chiral pair of right and left handed rays.
The principle I use to expand mogharnas forms is simple. I try to use the least number of tiles. If a gap may be filled with a single tile, that tile is used. This allows the appreciation of the complexity of muqarnas’ simplicity.

One (1) = 11.25°
1-3 X8 Seed
1-3 X8 Seed

Three (3) = 33.75°
1-3 X8 Seed
1-3 X8 Seed

The 1-3 X 8 SeedThe 1-3 X 8 Seed

4 Rays of the 1-3 X 8 SeedThe Four Rays of the '4 Rays of the 1-3 X 8 Seed

3Tier Expansion of the 1-3 X 8 Seed Ray Dome3Tier Expansion of the 1-3 X 8 Seed Ray Dome'