Sources of Traditional Dome Motif

Traditional Dome Motif Source. All diagrams below are plan views of the traditional muqarnas dome (animation). Second, individual motifs are indicated in color.
The Ray motif is currently the only motif that does not have a right and left handed version. Right and left handed symmetry is known mathematically as chirality or enantiomorphism. It’s unknown whether other motifs derived from the traditional muqarnas dome share the non-chirality of the Ray motif. Furthermore, the Ray motif expands a traditional dome with two distinct elements. These ‘rays’ diverge in the lower, larger tiers (layers). The other known motifs have only single elements. There may be more non-chiral motifs. There are certainly more chiral motif pairs.

Additional Traditional Dome Motif Source

The Crescent motif shows the ‘left’ and ‘right’ handed versions. This is on alternate tiers of the expanded dome, both in the images and the animation. This may be the most attractive way to use such chiral motifs.
Finally, there are animations of expanded muqarnas domes for both the Ray and Crescent motifs.

Motifs with Rendered Images and Animations

Ray Motif
Ray Motif, Motif Source

Ray Motif Dome Expansion animation
Ray Motif Dome Expansion

Crescent Motif
Crescent Motif, Motif Source

Crescent Motif Dome Expansion animation
Crescent Motif Dome Expansion

Motif with Rendered Images

Flame Motif
Flame Motif, Motif Source

Flame Motif Dome Expansion
Flame Motif Dome Expansion

Zigzag Motif
Zigzag Motif, Motif SourceZigzag page

Zigzag Motif Staircase
Zigzagr Motif StaircaseZigzag Motif Staircase page

A Few More Motifs with only Plan Diagrams

Angle Motif
Angle Motif, Motif Source, Traditional Dome Motif Source

Lightning Motif
Lightning Motif, Motif Source

Zipper Motif
Zipper Motif, Motif Source

Snake Motif
Snake Motif, Motif Source

Jagged Motif
Jagged Motif, Motif Source