This short rendering of a Traditional Dome shows how it is derived from a plan view drawing.

The Traditional Dome is made of 32 instances of the 16 unique muqarnas tiles. Each muqarnas tile has four identical edges. All edges of all  16 unique muqarnas tiles are identical. This allow every edge of every tile to join seamlessly with every edge of every other tile, including itself. The plan view is created as shown on this page of my presentation:  MUQARNAS: An Islamic space-enclosing system. Techniques for designing muqarnas forms. I chose the 32-gon as the basis for my mogharnas / muqarnas set. This results in 16 unique tiles whose plan view corner angles are multiples of 11.25 degrees. I chose a 60 degree arc for the edge with the top corner tangent to the plan view plane.

This HD 1080p rendering displays the Traditional Dome and its constituent tiles extruded from 2D into 3D. Other muqarnas animations may be viewed on my YouTube channel:

Traditional Dome