The illustration above shows the layered source of the mosaic image, Fall Colors Over Duckweed Pond. It is typical of my image mosaics. I took a series of digital images for each piece. From them extracted a library of square images of a variety of sizes.

In this case I designed the layers so that the cell size times the grid size always equaled 6,144 pixels wide by 9,216 pixels high. Based on the cell and grid sizes I started with 26,520 images in eight layers plus the original image at the bottom. I don’t know how many remain.

As a sculptor and printmaker I then began to “carve” or “etch” away the extraneous images. I worked from the top down since the largest cells tended to have the poorest match with the overall image. Nonetheless, where they fit they are very striking. I then continued to work down through the layers. This process took between three to six weeks per piece, not counting the capturing and extracting of the digital images for each mosaic library.