These images are some of my digital art. Each was created with a unique set of images that I shot with a digital camera. For example the two portraits are a product of the imagery that I shot with the express permission of each individual..
Zoom into these images with Zoomify to understand the scope and enjoy the detail at every level. There is a small control interface at the bottom of each Zoomify window
Notice/Warning: Zoomify is native to the desktop/laptop environment and so is its display on my site. Until I can add device specific parameters to optimize if for phones, using Zoomify on phones will be problematic. Therefore, I have added short videos of typical zooms to allow phone viewers to see the amount and tiny nature of detail in the photomosaics. Please try your desktop/laptop to view! Then you will be able to wander through the photomosaic at any location and scale as I intended. Thank you.