Sculpture that I created over the years

I have created sculpture in a variety of traditional and non-traditional forms and materials. All materials were legally obtained and used. These include:
Wood: ash; bald knob cypress; beech; Douglas fir; hickory; red oak; red oak veneer; sycamore; walnut; wild cherry.
Other Materials: Afghani turquoise; Alaskan coral; caribou antler; fossil mammoth ivory; fossil walrus bone; fossil walrus ivory; fresh walrus ivory (legal, sold at government auction); glass; mirror; serpentine mineral (?); white-tailed deer antler.
In case it isn’t clear, fossil walrus ivory is far and away my favorite material. It has the best properties of hard, fine-grained wood and also of stone. Additionally, a single piece can contain many colors which may be used rather like paint on the subject matter.