This is a Muqarnas that I call the papyrus form (inappropriately, it should have been Corinthian). It was an experiment to try to find a way to create columns with muqarnas. It wasn’t successful. But more importantly it has a very pleasing shape. For example, it is reminiscent of some refined column heads. It is similar to the Egyptian papyrus column heads. Perhaps it is more similar to Greek corinthian column heads.

Corinthian column capitalI believe the similarity to this Corinthian column capital is evident. From Conservation Wiki.

Papyrus FormOne interesting property of the Papyrus Form is that it provides more than ample opportunities for self-reflection. Most mogharnas forms’ reflections are limited to sky, floor and wall.

Papyrus FormSuch a form could also be used as sculpture to decorate a wooded park, as in this whimsical rendering.