This high rise muqarnas is a completely modern application for this traditional space-enclosing system. Look at the poster. Additionally, muqarnas should be used as sculpture.

Muqarnas/mogharnas are a traditional decorative architectural form of Islam. They were, and still are, used on the portals/pishtags of iwans. Iwans are a three-sided open area with three portals. Muqarnas are also used in domes, as in the Hall of the Abencerrajes of the Alhambra. On minarets, muqarnas are sometimes used to decorate the cornices of the muezzin‘s balcony.

Such a range of architectural expression shouldn’t be the sole property of the past. Especially, when so many new forms can be employed in urban and civic settings. This high rise muqarnas is but one.

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