This short rendering of a Muqarnas Block Dome shows the potential of designing modern muqarnas blocks. All six of their faces are opposite pairs of muqarnas surfaces.
This unique muqarnas dome is made of 16 instances of 35 unique muqarnas blocks. Each muqarnas block has six sides, like a cube. Each side, or face, is itself a muqarnas surface which I  define in my presentation at:  MUQARNAS: An Islamic space-enclosing system. Techniques for designing muqarnas forms. The right and left hand column of blocks display mirror symmetry. The inner blocks, which make up the “fins” on the dome, come in right- and left-handed pairs, like your hands. (This is known as chiral or enantiomorphic symmetry.) To my knowledge no one has ever developed muqarnas blocks in this manner, with each block face itself being a muqarnas surface.
This HD 1080p rendering displays the dome and its constituent blocks. Other muqarnas animations may be viewed on my YouTube channel: