Muqarnas Onion Domes

Onion Domes with Mogharnas

I discovered a technique for developing ‘onion’ domes with muqarnas. By onion I mean that the dome expands to an ‘equator’ and then narrows down again. If the narrowing continues the dome will close, so it is important to stop narrowing the dome and begin adding tiers. Using the two expansion methods I initially developed, I created the two above onion muqarnas domes.

First, I created the onion dome with the Ray expansion method, seen above on the right. An animation of it can be viewed below.

The onion muqarnas dome on the left of the top image uses the Crescent expansion method and may be viewed here below.

As with the other dome expansion methods discussed concerning traditional muqarnas domes in my previous post, there is a large number of onion muqarnas dome types possible. Consider the diagram below. The Ray and Crescent methods are used above. Seven other methods are indicated of an unknown total possible.

A Few Muqarnas Dome Variations

The fascinating thing to me about muqarnas are the endless possible variations in form. This is without even considering the many, many ways that diverse muqarnas forms may be combined.