Mogharnas / muqarnas are a geometric space-enclosing system developed in Iran (Persia) and North Africa. Historically they’ve been used for a striking decorative treatment in domes, portals and underneath the balcony overhangs on minarets. My approach to mogharnas involves defining them as strictly geometrically and as simply as possible (see presentation here). This limited all muqarnas elements to rhombs from the plan view. With these simple sets I discovered a wide array of forms and styles possible, as well as methods to combine disparate forms in compositions. Forms include domes, onion domes, flattened domes, spiral staircase ceilings and irregular forms. See here or here to start exploring them.
The geometric section includes a variety of known and novel geometric constructions, including some using muqarnas faces that go well beyond mogharnas as surfaces into rhombohedral lattice forms. Here.
I also include images of some of my 2D and 3D art here (plus a Dűrer). I hope you enjoy Ensightful, please let me know.

  • Muqarnas / Mogharnas - Modern High Rise

  • Mogharnas / Muqarnas - Sculpture

  • Muqarnas / Mogharnas - Spiral Staircases

  • Mogharnas / Muqarnas - Onion Domes

  • Muqarnas / Mogharnas - Flattened Domes

  • Mogharnas / Muqarnas - Advanced Techniques