Imagism is a technique and style I've developed from the use of photo-mosaic software. Unlike the straightforward use of photo-mosaic software I combine numerous layers each of which is a photo-mosaic version of a source image. Each layer uses images of different sizes. When combined the result is a 'block' of images of different sizes. This is the start of the piece. The approach is subtractive like sculpture or intaglio. Images that do not contribute to the final piece are removed. The process begins by removing the unneeded larger images from the top layers and proceeds to the much more numerous, smaller images of the middle and lower layers. Prior to starting the design of the image size and sub-image sizes is an interesting problem, rather like finding the opposite of prime numbers.

Due to the known size of the component images of each layer and the size of the overall image, the total number of images in the source 'image block' before commencing work is known. How many sub-images are left in the completed piece is not. Following is a description of each piece.

View Through Trees
This is based upon a digital image I took at Giant City State Park in southern Illinois. I took many of the sub-images there as well. I shot the other sub-images in other spots in southern Illinois. The image is 6930 X 4620 pixels and was developed from a composite of thirteen photo-mosaics and a background image. The starting 'image block' contained 39,930 sub-images, all squares, of sizes 462, 385, 330, 231, 210, 165, 154, 110, 105, 77, 70, 66 and 55 pixels on a side. (Math nuts can figure out how many of each type were in each layer.)

Alan Schoen
Alan is a mathematician, physicist and puzzle maker who has discovered numerous families of mathematical minimal surfaces. He allowed me into his home where, in addition to photographing him, I was permitted to shoot hundreds of his two and three dimensional works. All images in this piece are either of his work or a few objects in his home, including an early portrait.

Paul Sanders as Fëanor
Paul designs and cuts his own gemstones. Paul kindly allowed me to photograph his work and workshop. All gemstones in this piece are Paul's creations. He prefers dichroic gems and there are now very interesting synthetic materials available. The line drawings in the work are Paul's designs produced with cut gemstone designing software. Fëanor is a character from the mythic past of J. R. R. Tolkien's world. He created gems, the Silmarils ('radiance of pure light'), that were central to the Silmarillion. They were unique, irreplaceable gems upon which Middle Earth's fate hung in the balance.